developed at:

Oriental Institute
University of Leipzig
by Prof. Dr. Eckehard Schulz

We certify your skills


The AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE has the sole copyright for all materials used in connection with the test (print, audio and video materials, graphics, photographs, logos, texts, fonts, etc.).

All the working documents or information of any kind provided to the person tested are subject to copyright.

Without the written consent of the AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE these working materials or information shall not be reproduced, especially not processed using electronic systems, copied, distributed, used for public reproduction, disclosed to third parties or made available for the public in any way, also not for educational purposes.

The notice, publication and making available of any test items and test documentation issued in the test to third parties as well as their publication in social networks, internet sites, internet forums, websites or similar media is prohibited.

It is prohibited for the person to be tested to copy the tasks to be solved during the test and to take them home.

All persons involved in the test and in processing of test results are bound to secrecy and to comply with the relevant data protection regulations.