developed at:

Oriental Institute
University of Leipzig
by Prof. Dr. Eckehard Schulz

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The content of this declaration relates to the identification, processing and use of data generated in the AL-ARABIYYA-TEST.

The AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE uses data produced in that context for scientific research purposes such as the substantive conception of test content and test tasks.

These also serve to ensure the quality of the tests offered, to perform test evaluations and to ensure compliance with standards.

Personal data will be used for purposes of scientific research only in an anonymous form.

Identification of individual participants in the test is therefore impossible.

Personal data are necessary for carrying out the test (test registration, issuance of the certificate, accounting, etc.).

The AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE will process the personal data incurred thereby in accordance with the applicable data protection laws in a conscientious, confidential and responsible manner.

Only authorized persons within the AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE can access the personal and non-anonymised data of the test participants only when necessary for the performance of the tests and the provision of test results.

Partner institutions cooperating with the AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE have access only to that part of the data that are essential for the identity check before starting a test.

The certificate for a passing AL-ARABIYYA-TEST is valid indefinitely.

The AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE shall delete all personal data two years after the test.

Test participants have anytime access to their personal data and can change these data as part of the registration for the test or to change or cancel services.

After the registration deadline for a test, a modification of your personal data is only possible after written contact (e-mail) with the AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE and its confirmation.

If data are used for research purposes, they are only used in an anonymous form.

My data are not used by the AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE beyond the purposes referred to in this declaration or transferred to third parties.

My data can be deleted upon my request, at any time, but not earlier than after the sitting of the test and the forwarding of the certificate.

To this end, I am obliged to communicate with the AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE in writing (e-mail) and to provide a copy of a valid proof of identity.